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An unforgettable experience

Would you like to see pure nature and have fun?

Canyoning allows you to get close and personal with pure, raw and amazing nature scenery. We offer two canyoning options to suit most ages and abilities from beginners to the experiences adrenaline seeker. You explore our canyons and crystal clear pools using a variety of techniques – natural water slides, pool jumps, rappelling and swimming. Photos of your adventure are send to your email for FREE.

What is included?

Transportation (optional)




What do you need?



Swimming knowledge

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Most common questions

Mostcommon questins

What do we need?

Swimwear, a towel and swimming knowleage. Have your swimwear already on, under your clothes, and have your underwear with the towel in a bag. You will also need a plastic bag for your wet swimwear after activity. You will change into neopren at the entry point for the activity, leaving your dry clothes in the van. The van will wait for you at exit point, where you will change back into your clothes. You can take something to drink and fruit bar. Do not take chocolate bar, since you will leave food and drinks in the van, which will be in the sun.

Where do we meet?

At our base - Čezsoča 53, 5230 Bovec + free parking (or our office - Ledina 5, 5230 Bovec).

When do we meet?

15 min before deparute hour.

How can we pay?

In cash (no credit card payments available).

Which  departure hour do you recommend?

We recoment morning or afternoon tours, since these are the least crowded. The tours at noon are the most crowded.

What happens  when it rains?

If it is raining, no reason to panic. You will just get double wet, once from the river & once from the sky. With rain drops you can feel like a child, not caring about getting wet. And honestly how many times in your life can you feel like this? :) * The tour can be canceled, if a heavy storm developes.

How many people are in a group?

Groups are up to 8 people for one guide.

Are there any age limitation?

For canyoning and kayaking we recomend that kids are older than 8 years. For rafting 4 years - Family Adventure Rafting (very easy rafting tour). Kids older than 6 years can enjoy Adventure Rafting.

How long does the activity last?

The activity itself around 2 hours, with the transport, getting dressed 2,5 - 3,5 hours.

Where do we leave our belongings?

You leave your dry clothes in the van. The van will drive you to the entry point for the activity, which is also the exit point. Do not take your valuables with you. Leave your jewelry, watch ... in your room or apartment.

Can we take our camera with us?

If you have your own GoPro, you can take it with you. We do not recomend taking your phone with. Our guide will make photos or videos from your tour. You get photos for free, so you can just enjoy canyoning. Have in mind you can loose your phone in the water.

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